About Us

who we are

Passionate. Dedicated.

Argentavis is a team of passionate business professionals whose collective knowledge and experience in diverse industries ensure we provide unmatched procurement services to every client.

We have one focus: delivering to our clients the best products and services at the very best prices. Our extensive list of suppliers across the UK secure low prices that we pass directly on to you, dramatically lowering your costs and improving your bottom line.

We go above and beyond: we not only secure best prices for your business but we work with you to understand your current and evolving requirements, then we advise and guide you through every aspect of your procurement. We also track product prices and handle suppliers on your behalf, ensuring that we get you the right product with the highest quality at the best possible price.

We have the answers for your business to enhance efficiencies, boost processes, and reduce costs, allowing you to focus on your core business competencies.

our vision
To drive procurement excellence across multiple sectors

We look out for our clients’ interests and proactively manage these relationships. We provide a fully managed service for your procurement process and are always cognisant of your commercial interests.

Our approach is consistently innovative, adaptive, and responsive. By becoming your only point of contact for your entire supply chain, we enhance your business operations and make you more productive.

We listen.

We guide.

We advise.

As your procurement partner, we help your business identify, deliver, and maintain cost savings through better procurement, adding lasting value to your business.

We aim to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients. Our goal is your success and we have the tools and expertise to realise it.

our mission
To deliver significant savings to your business and keep you flexible